Characteristics of an Effective Support Tech

Young tech support operators

Support techs may have several responsibilities, such as the installation, testing and maintenance of PC and network hardware and software. When we worked with PC911 we learned the qualities needed to excel in this job are way beyond the capacity to do certain tasks.

Here are the requirements for being a truly effective support tech:


Discipline affects many areas of the support tech’s responsibilities, like solving users’ problems in a timely manner, creating and following a schedule, and even remaining patient when dealing with an irate client. Needless to say, disciplined business tech support are more reliable and likely to succeed in their profession.


Effective prioritizing happens only when the support tech has good knowledge of all employees roles in the organization, the priorities of the business and its overall nature. Support techs need to do everything they can in order to understand the business and prioritize their tasks and commitments as needed. To get more ideas on how to get the best tech support services, go to

Dedication to Problem Resolution

The tech must be dedicating to solving the problem, which occurs only when the client is satisfied with the results and the resolution is in accordance with company policy. He must also be willing as well as capable of following all the steps needed, even in a crisis situation, tightening loose ends when needed.

Good Communication Skills

In various organizations, the business tech support is the one making direct daily contact with clients. The tech should therefore be a good listener and able to speak to users using a language they can comprehend.


Change is an innate characteristic of information technology, and those who would like to stay productive in the industry should actively pursue every opportunity to boost their knowledge, whether through formal training or by simply asking questions from their superiors or of co-workers.

 Logical and Creative Thinking

Techs must be able to use a constant, logical approach to resolving computer problems. Even when confronted with a new situation, the tech should be able to fix the problem, or at least isolate the conflict. Supporting logical thinking, the tech must also be capable of creative reasoning leaps if he fails with the use of logic alone.

Technology Inclination

If a tech is not genuinely interested in technology and merely regards his work as routine, it is unlikely he will stay up to date with the current developments or have passion for the job. With a tech who loves technology, users are particularly benefitted during a rollout, where they are forced to learn a new product so they can keep doing their jobs. Techs like this are able to encourage and reassure users, improving the quality of the relationship between company and client.


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